SegyMAT : Read and Write SEG-Y files using Matlab and Octave.

M-files to read and write SEG-Y files from Matlab, implemented using the syntax of the SEG-Y format : SEG-Y revision 0 (1975) and revision 1 (May 2002) [pdf].
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SegyMAT is a set of Matlab files for reading and writing SEG-Y files from Matlab.

SegyMAT aims at being both simple to use to read SEG-Y files, and extensive enough to aid in writing complex seismic data.

A Python port of the library has initiated under the name : SegyPY

ADD : SegyMAT has a family member called lasYmat. A set of mfiles to read LAS files. It is currently under development, but useful.



SegyMAT user guide : [PDF] [HTML]

Mailing List
If you have suggestions, questions, bug-fixes, please join the Please join the segymat-user mailinglist, and post them there.

Some links to other programs using SegyMAT;

IMAGE2SEGY : Raster BM/JPG to SEGY conversion


If you feel you want to contribute with a donation to the development, you can do so here :
Donate to SegyMAT

Thanks to Brian Farrelly, Norsk Hydro Research Centre, Bergen, Norway, for supplying functions to convert between IBM Floating Point format and doubles.

Thanks to Urs Boeringer for adding a patch to WriteSegy, to enable use of an arbitrary set of TraceHeader values.

'sacsun2mat' was written by F Tilmann whos based his work on sac_sun2pc_mat by C. D. Saragiotis. from Matlab Central.

Thanks to Sourceforge for hosting the project.

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